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CHECKLIST: Choosing the right HVAC service company in Hagerstown, MD

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Choosing the right Maryland HVAC provider will save you money. Your HVAC is one of the most significant investments you, as a homeowner, can make.  It impacts your family’s comfort, health and energy cost.  Quality Hagerstown HVAC service companies know that you want to be warm and cozy during Maryland’s winter storms, and cool through the hot humid summers. 


1) Make sure the work is done to code


The safety of your family is priority one.  Get the HVAC contractor who feels the same way. Find out if they have:

  • Current state and local licenses  
  • Workman’s Compensation Insurance
  • Professional Memberships - belonging to organizations like the ACCA – Air Conditioning Contractors of America, shows the HVAC company’s willingness to continue learning and stand before their peers
  • Experience - 5 years or more is a good rule of thumb to learn the ins and outs of a gamut of issues and solutions
  • References - make sure they can provide at least three references
  • And a Stellar Reputation - means hundreds of satisfied customers


2) Make sure they use quality parts


Your quality HVAC service contractor will make sure that each part is selected to work at top efficiency with every other part.  Your furnace, condensing unit, fans and blowers, air conditioning coils and unit, and ductwork for a heating and cooling system all need to work in the toughest of places…your home.  So look into the equipment they use by asking about:

  • Energy star equipment - high efficiency means lower utility costs
  • Warranty work on all major brands - your HVAC provider should be able to work on whatever system you're using


3) Do they have quality technicians?


When it comes to your HVAC system, the “who” is as important as the “what”.  Hiring the right HVAC service isn’t hard if you use some common sense.  Are the HVAC technicians dedicated to doing a great job each and every time?  They should have:


  • Manufacturer’s Certifications - trained on systems of choice
  • Technical Skill Certificates - for heating technicians that’s a NATE™ certification


4) Are they a company with integrity?


Right or wrong, your HVAC service choice will affect your family’s well-being and pocket book for the next 10 to 15 years.  Since you want this company to work for you for a long time, make sure they match up on values and work ethic.  Consider what they do when it comes to:


  • Home Evaluation – a significant amount of time is required to review load calculations (the right size equipment for your square footage, windows, insulation and venting/duct system), how the equipment will work together and mesh with existing system, and evaluating the current electrical system to ensure it will support new equipment safely (wiring, fuse boxes, and circuit breakers)
  • Proper Permits - legal installations provide you with legal recourse should you need it and less headaches should you ever want to sell your home
  • Testing – the thermostat should work properly in all modes and be compatible with new and existing equipment
  • Protecting the Environment – proper recovering, recycling, reclaiming and disposal of used refrigerants (CFC’s and HCFC’s which hurt the earth’s atmosphere or ozone layer)
  • Home Owner Training – so you know how to operate the thermostat and change the filter
  • Maintenance Program -maximize the life of your HVAC equipment, routine maintenance ensures your investment is working properly and issues can be identified before failure
  • Owner Manuals
  • Short Response Time
  • 24 Emergency Service


5) A great HVAC Company will commit to you


Your quality HVAC service contractor will make sure that everything you agree upon is in writing.  This includes:


  • Itemized Estimate - get it in ink to avoid price hikes on parts, labor or hidden extra
  • Written Contract - understand the work and what the HVAC service is providing and exactly what you are agreeing to pay
  • Guaranty for your satisfaction - 100% customer service guarantees a quality contractor
  • Warranty for parts and labor - 1 year is standard
  • Flexible financing options


What you don’t know will cost you. With a bit of research you can find the best Hagerstown, Maryland HVAC company.  A HVAC company whose dependable technicians have superior mechanical skills and actions. A company you can tell your neighbors and friends about… a company that will be there for you tomorrow, next year and in the decade to come.